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Saving and Managing Favorites

Adding your favorite properties as “Saved Listings" to your Dashboard.

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How to Save a Property as a Favorite

You can save a favorite property in 2 easy steps.

Step #1: Find a Property

Once you have found a property of interest, you want to add it to your “Saved Listings.” Each property on our platform has a heart at the top left corner of the main image, like below.

Step #2: Click the Heart

To save all of your favorite properties, you must be logged in. Click on the heart, and it will fill in with blue. You have successfully added the property to your “Saved Listings.”

How to Manage a Property as a Favorite

How to Locate Your Saved Listings

To locate your saved listings, click on your name in the upper right corner. A drop-down will appear. Click on "Saved Listings." This will take you to your dashboard.

All of the properties you have saved will show on your "Saved Listings" page.

How Do I Remove a Property from My "Saved Listings" Page?

To remove a property from your Saved Listings, click on the heart to remove the highlight, and the property will be removed.

What Can I Do on the Saved Listings Page?

You can remove a saved property, register for the properties auction, and bid all within your Saved Listings page on your dashboard.

Contact Us

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