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How to Use My Dashboard
How to Use My Dashboard

Locating your favorited properties, saved searches, and updating your account all in one place!

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Once you are logged in, click on your name in the top right corner of the page to access your Dashboard. Your dashboard is where you control your favorited properties, saved searches, and account settings.

Saved Listings:

Saved listings is also known as your favorited properties. Within the "Listings in Auction" tab, you are able to view all favorited properties. Properties get automatically added to your “Saved Listings” when you place a live bid, submit an online offer, or register for the auction. Additionally, you can register and bid on all of the online auction properties you have favorited.

On your “Listings in Auction” tab you will see all up to date information regarding your properties of interest. In this view you can see what phase of auction the properties are in, the starting or current bid, auction information, and so on. You can even register, and submit offers within this window.

Saved Searches:

Once you apply filters to find properties that fit your specific search criteria, you can save this search to a folder known as "Saved Searches."

Account Settings:

The Profile Settings page will appear. You can edit your account information and change your password on this page.

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