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Do I have to choose an agent to represent me?

  • No, choosing an agent is an option. However, we do encourage working with an agent to assist you with understanding the contract and answer any real estate related questions you may have. 

I forgot to add my agent when I submitted my bid online. Can I still add my agent?

  • Yes. If you are in the early stages and your offer has not been submitted to the Seller, we can update the offer and add the agent’s name. Please note that if it’s a HUD Auction, the agent must  be NAID-certified to receive the co-op commission.

If my agent is not on my offer and does not sign the contract, can he/she still earn a commission?

  • Unfortunately, not. For an agent to earn a commission, if applicable, the agent needs to be included on the offer, perform all duties to assist their client and execute the contract. Commission is distributed upon close and funding.

Is the commission paid for co-op agents the same for all properties?

  • No, commission varies by Seller. Refer to the Property Details page or Contact ServiceLink Auction, for more information.

What is a listing agent responsible for?

  • A listing agent is responsible for putting a property/asset on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) as applicable. The agent is also responsible for disclosures, marketing, pictures, signage, lockbox (as applicable), holding open house(s), staging and assisting with questions regarding the current market.

I don’t see an agent listed on your website for my property of interest. Why?

  • In some cases, the Seller has opted not to have a designated listing agent or has been unsuccessful in acquiring a listing agent when the property is offered at auction. In those cases, interior access may still be accessible and you can contact ServiceLink Auction, for more information.

As the listing agent, can I represent the buyer as well?

  • In most cases, the answer is ‘yes’. Please contact one of our customer representatives as some Sellers may have special circumstances where this may not be possible.

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