Closing FAQ's
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  • Do I have to use the Seller’s closing office?

    Some Sellers require the buyer to use the Seller’s closing office. When applicable, the buyer may use their own closing company, but must work in parallel with the Seller's closing company. Please note that Transaction Management and Document Preparation fees may apply. 

  • When can I close?

    The closing date is stated on the contract. Properties can close prior to the closing date at the discretion of the closing office.

  • What is the status of my closing?

    You may request status updates from the closing office.

  • Can we access the property or do a walk-through prior to closing?

    This depends on each individual Seller and occupancy status. Typically, the listing agent (if applicable) can coordinate access with the Buyer. Some Sellers may not allow access prior to close.

  • Where does closing take place?

    Either via email or in person via a local Escrow company. If in person, time/date/location will be coordinated with the buyer. If there is no closing office nearby, a Closing Notary will be sent to you remotely. 

  • How much is my agent commission?

    This amount/percentage varies. Please refer to the Property Detail page for property-specific Agent commission amounts. You may also contact your Account Executive or Bid Coordinator to obtain this information.

  • When can I take possession of the property?

    Once you’ve closed and the title has been conveyed into your name you may take possession of the property.

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