Curious as to how Junior and Senior liens are involved in Foreclosure Auctions? Please read below to learn more.

Senior Lien – Is the first security interest placed upon a property to secure payment of a debt. (1st mortgage.)

Junior Lien- A loan taken out using a property as collateral while there is still another loan secured by the same property Multiple junior liens may be taken out on one property. (2nd mortgage, etc.)

Senior vs Junior Liens on ServiceLink Auction

If you come across two or more listings on our website with the same address, this may indicate that the property may have multiple lienholders or programs available. Each lien may go into a different auction type; Foreclosure, Short Sale, Newly Foreclosed, or Bank Owned.

What happens to the senior lien if I purchase the junior lien at auction?

The buyer will be responsible for any additional liens, back taxes or encumbrances owed on the property. ServiceLink Auction makes no representations regarding any liens on the property. Bidders are cautioned to fully investigate any liens. ServiceLink Auction will note a disclosure only on the junior liens to a property but will not indicate the lien position. To investigate liens, please conduct Due Diligence in completing a thorough title search.

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